Dongara's best kept secret, 18 Hole Grass Green Golf Course. Visitors always welcome

General Conditions of Play

All competitions are under the control of the Match and Course Committee which reserves the right to change, alter any date or cancel or vary any competition.

In the event of a tie in normal Club competition a count back will be used to determine the winner.

In major Club and Open events a play-off will determine the winner.

Local Rules

OUT OF BOUNDS:  All course perimeter fences,  car park and water tank/shed area on No. 1.  When playing No. 13, the black and white markers on the left side of the fairway define the O.O.B. line.

PATHWAYS: If your ball comes to rest on pathways you may take a free pick and drop within one club length of nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole.

FAIRWAY MARKERS:  All fairway pegs, 150m pegs, 100m pegs, tee protection screens, signage, planted trees of 1 club length or less in height, or a staked tree less than 2 metrees in height and tree stakes, are to be treated as immovable obstructions.  Rule 24-2.

PUTTING GREEN: The match committee has resolved that an old plug hole is to be treated as G.U.R., in which case the player would be entitled to relief under Rule 25-1b(iii).

RELIEF MAY BE TAKEN:  From the refuse area on the left side of No.4 fairway and behind No. 5 tee.

PRACTICE FAIRWAY:  No. 16. Practice putting/chipping only on and around the practice green.

PRIORITY PLAYERS:  Priority on the course if given to Competition players, as per Section 1, Etiquette; Behaviour on the Course, in the Rules of Golf.



Responsibilities of a Member


  • Respect your golf course and your fellow members and guests
  • Read, understand and apply the rules and courtesies of golf
  • Fair play and good humour are appreciated both on the course and in the clubhouse


In order to maintain the course players are asked to observe the following:

  • Do not pull your buggy over greens or tees
  • Motorised carts be used responsibly reflecting the conditions of the course. Cart paths to be used when provided
  • Motorised carts must not be driven across the greens or parked in front of the greens
  • Pug marks are to be repaired before leaving the green
  • Repair divots on fairways or tee boxes by cutting in the edges with a club or shoe and then top dressing with sand
  • Replace the flag stick correctly in the cup

Pace of Play

Players may be penalised for slow play

  • Report to the office at least 10 minutes before hit off time and be ready to hit off when called
  • Players looking for a lost ball should call through following players. The time limit for looking for a lost ball is 5 minutes
  • When it appears that a ball will be difficult to find, always hit a “provisional” ball
  • Walk briskly at all times,particularly when leaving the green. Be ready to play your shot as soon as it is your turn
  • The player with the honour should play their ball before marking the card
  • In competitions, the lowest handicapper is responsible for maintaining the group’s position as close to the group in front as is possible
  • “Ready golf” is encouraged. Ready golf is a method for golfers to speed up play. It means that each golfer within a group may hit when ready

   Penalties for slow play can be loss of points or being placed at the end of the field.

Rules for Ambrose Competition

Place on fairway within 1 club length in same condition as the selected ball (ie fairway, rough, bunker or hazard).  If the ball is in the rough, bunker or hazard it is played as it lies and the other players must place their ball within a club length.

Whether it is a 2 ball, 3 ball or 4 ball competition all players must have 3 drives each.

Handicaps are as follows:

  • Two person event – 1/4 of aggregate stroke handicap.
  • Three person event – 1/6 of aggregate stroke handicap
  • Four person event 1/8 of aggregate stroke handicap

To speed up play, the first player can ‘tap in’, the rest of the team can still have an attempt at the putt.

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